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The regular massage of the group purchase, but the experience of the new field LHKZ ... 3400 + word detailed experience, JS face value is high, with a reservation phone...

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Venue: Six Inn
Address: Panyu Bridge South
Consumption: 6

I watched the paper for a few hours at home, and I suddenly felt a backache. I couldn’t afford to be hurt when I was old...

I originally called Huaxing Muzu (regularly, some JS presses in place), I want to relieve fatigue, and the familiar JS is in the bell, telling me to wait for more than an hour, too long, I can't wait; Open the public comment, I want to find a distance and cheap place to see, LHKZ has 47.8 foot massage, 69 massage, 98 aromatherapy push oil, feels good price, the picture looks good, so I bought Zhang Xiangxun push oil , it’s gone directly~~

Parked the car, went to the door and found that this is a hotel, the foot is also in the hotel, it feels a bit strange, but it is not uncommon ~~ Elevator on the 3rd floor, the elevator is a look, it is the hotel, just changed the hotel room into Muzufang~~ looked at the environment, because it was just half a year's hotel, it is quite new. I didn't see the waiter when I went to the foot area. When I shouted, I got BZ out. I asked if it was a foot or a push. I asked. Pushing the price of oil, the reply said that the main package of 138, 198, and strongly recommend 198 package, said that more people do, is a whole body push; I am a little surprised, but still shows that it is a group purchase, experience, feel better Come back again~~

Being led to the massage room, one enters the door, the right hand side is the bathing area, the special bathing area, each room has two foot rest seats from the door to the inside, one massage chair, the foot massage seat and the massage chair There is a curtain in the middle, looking back, the glass of the door is basically invisible, can not help the belly, this design, if there is service is not convenient...

I watched TV for about 5 minutes, JS came in. Here, the TV in most of the foot centers is really unbearable to evaluate, and it is vague. The Taiwanese reception is limited. I would like to praise LHKZ here. It should be a boutique hotel. Style, so the equipment is not bad~~

Looked at the JS, it is pretty, the value is about 85, the age is definitely less than 25, the short uniform skirt, not the kind of ultra-short, the feeling is quite serious ~~

At the request of JS, first shower, put on disposable underwear, here is very strange, do not push a back, but also change disposable underwear? ?

During the shower, JS has been waiting at the door. After washing, JS immediately comes in, leads to the massage bed, and starts pressing ~~

The standard massage bed is relatively small, unlike the Thai-style big bed with FW place; when asked according to the question, the massage has about 30 minutes, then the oil is pushed for 40 minutes, and the press is not 5 minutes. JS rides directly from the side. On the body, it may be convenient to press the back, at least feel the JS slippery thighs and soft buttocks, still very comfortable, although the technical press is not as good as Huaxing and Corning, but JS always keeps crossing the back with fingertips It feels like flirting...

When I started pushing the oil, the accident started. First, JS took the oil from the bus. I was surprised by how much it was, and it was smeared on the back. This is a different one. It is different from the oil used in the foot room. Suddenly I heard a few tears and tears, Nima, JS tore my disposable underwear, what is the rhythm? The conversation with JS here is omitted~~

JS started pushing the butt... and then pushed it for a few minutes. It seems that it is not very convenient. I pulled the panties directly under the buttocks, and the fingers continued to cross the eggs... The heart was 10,000 heads of grass mud horses. This TMD is really formal. press? ?

After pressing the back, pull on the underwear, JS said to push the front side in turn ~ ~ very embarrassed to slide in the stomach and DD to slide, more than half of the time in the triangle area, and introduced whether to upgrade the package to 198, is a whole body push And very embarrassed to say, "full body push, content, you know..."

I started to stare at the eyes, but did not answer her immediately. She looked at me and hesitated. She quickly explained that "198 packages are not made, let me not think about it...", this package does not include, meaning? Hey, I started to stare at the stars...

Well, admit that the small DD has risen in anger, since JS has persuaded him to make it too uncomfortable, then let's experience 198 first...

JS and BZ said that after changing the package, I came back to the topic when I came back~~ Let me hold her waist with both legs and start to give DD TY; because the lighting of the hotel is very good, the appearance of JS is very clear. The value is really good, young and beautiful~~TY can be used to touch her thighs and PP; the massage process is omitted here, the small DD continues to be comfortable and high...

In the final FJ session, JS squats beside him, biting his ear and blowing his breath, and constantly simulating the sigh, he can touch her thighs and buttocks, touch it through the clothes, not to undress, but also to touch the chest through the clothes. ~~ Then, ’~~

After that, JS continued the final massage and told me that I would like to come back to find her next time... The number is not available for the time being. After several times, I will send it here to share it with everyone~~

Overall evaluation: JS is young and beautiful, the field is new, the facilities are good~~ The bath in the room is awesome! (YY, I don't know when there is a FW with JS to accompany it); the massage technique is generally the reason for flirting;

When I went out, I found that there are 5-6 kinds of packages here. There are still 198 above. Can't help but think that there is a deep FW? On the 3rd floor elevator door, there is also a set of cakes with the name of ice and fire, etc. In short, I feel that I can still taste the fresh ~~

In terms of price, the price of foot massage is relatively cheap, and the price of FJ is 198. I don’t know what the market price is, and I feel that I can accept it~~

Hey, I really just want to go to the regular massage... After the code is finished, I will definitely go to the regular field! No FW!