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DG Hongmeijin Y Hotel Experience

作者: admin 分类: 广州桑拿资讯 发布时间: 2018-10-13 11:22

Write it for the first time, please write it well. Please understand. On Wednesday, I was bored on the Q group and there was a good time to play. The Q group recommended to go to Hongmeijin Y Hotel, and I will go to try it. Everything has the first time. 2 subway to the bus to pick up the 110 yuan fare. There is also a l l accompaniment, Gandu is not boring, the car is blowing water, the L-field has a wild face, but there are several JS services wrong to try, the number will be introduced later. After about 40 minutes, I went to the hotel and went to the T station to choose a woman. The first batch came with 10 JS. I took a look at the age of 18-19 and immediately took it to the house. When I entered the room, I felt that the room was a bit old, but the facilities were fairly complete. In addition to the wave of women, only B, one hand slag drying. Start the waterbed service, BT, MY, scraping, and so on. The service is really Ma Ma, and Dulong has no left for 10 seconds. After going to bed KJ, ice fire, KJ are a little hard. Follow the belt and open the wave. After the end of a shot. I fell in bed and learned that JS came in less than a week. The strange service is generally the same. Blame it, blame yourself to solve a stable sister, hehe. The second Q is written. JS090JS buried single 110 fare +650JS fee Personal feelings and DG price difference. Now introduce several JS numbers introduced by L: 808, 818, 825,