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Tianhe Majesty Information

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Address: Your Majesty
Consumption: 50-200

It seems that His Majesty has recently been stricter, and ZJ will only appear. The location is in the alley on the right side of the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong Memorial Hall. It will go all the way. After entering the alley, you will turn right. (It is recommended to check this first. The route, because I found the tender girl), after turning right, I will go there, and then the alley opposite the memorial will enter, but BL went to inspect several times, all of them are aunts, the price All are 50-80, it is estimated that the price can be bargained. The road opposite the oxen barbecue (there is a hibiscus flourished across the street) has come to the end.

There is a Xiushuiwan massage, there is FJ push oil inside the foot, plus massage. 100, some technicians can take off the body, touch the waves, some technicians can not, personal recommendation No. 18, good shape, the key is enough. Under the Huazhou syrup (the pharmacy next to the house) across the alley has been to the end (beside the park) there is a massage, you can blow, 200, it is estimated that Z, but did not find good goods.